Winter Festival 2023 - 2024

HoVEC Winter Festival 2023/2024

The 2023 Christmas Festival welcomed more visitors than ever before, despite the freezing temperatures which tested the heating capacity in the marquee! 

The Quiz Night on Friday evening proved incredibly popular, surpassing all expectations with more than 200 participants. Ben Ralph was an excellent quizmaster, with a wide range of brilliant questions, and everyone enjoyed the cheese and biscuits … and the Social Club bar!

The Christmas decorations in the marquee were particularly stunning and the Committee received lots of lovely comments about how pretty it looked. Many thanks go to Lisa Gartshore for co-ordinating and the amazing volunteers who helped to make this happen!

The Christmas Market welcomed a full quota of stalls with a huge variety of goods and refreshments on offer. The Christmas Grotto spread the magic of Christmas to so many village children who were excited to meet Father Christmas and share their wish lists for Christmas Day. 

130 Saturday night party guests enjoyed delicious chilli meals, cooked up by wizard chef Anthony Hacker, followed by an evening listening to the talented Box of Frogs band, who had everyone up on the dance floor.  

The thank yous due to everyone who worked so hard to make this monumental event happen are too numerous to mention: so much hard work goes on behind the scenes organising everything from laying the tables, to fixing the electrics, flooring, barriers, security, refreshments and decorations.  However, special mention must go to the Social Club, who offer such amazing support to HoVEC events by organising volunteers to run a full bar for the entire weekend. We are so grateful to them and all our unsung heroes. Likewise to Sara Foster and the HoVEC Committee. 

Unfortunately, despite its success and popularity, the Christmas Festival has made a loss for the past two years and involved an unsustainable effort by too few people so we will be taking a break this year, but very much hope to return in the future.  

HoVEC urgently needs more volunteers if we are to continue running village events so please contact if you are able to help in any way, no matter how small.